Decision 2016

Max endorses Sir Donald Trump

Earlier today Max endorsed Sir Donald Trump. He was later heard sighting Sir Donald’s near perfect financial credit rating in Dog circles, his shared hatred of foreign felines and lastly his unique ability to connect to our animalistic tendencies as reasons he is perfect to lead this land. Mia has yet to comment on the announcement from Max’s camp. IMG_0100


Max and Mia

Meet the pair of siblings Max and Mia, who are nearing their fifth birthday. Max is the the larger dark coated Golden Retriever. He is a great athlete dreams with dreams hitting the game winning shot just like his Hero Air Bud. Mia on the other hand brags she is smarter of the pair, commonly distracting her big friend Max with a tennis ball then what ever he was playing with for herself. Over the next few months they demand to prove once and for all which of them should be crowned leader of their 2 man wolfpack.